How Chris gained expert facilitator advice using the Cheat Sheet.

The Challenge

Chris needed a way to grow his professional network in order to attract new gigs as a workshop facilitator in design & problem solving.

“How might I grow my professional network in a way is valuable and fun for the experts I want to connect with?

The Solution

We taught Chris how to use the Cheat Sheet as a way to quickly gather expert advice in a way that creates value for himself, and the advisor, and the professional community.

Picking someones brain over coffee isn't memorable. It's a one-way street. We changed the dynamic by creating a compilation of advice where experts see themselves next to other experts.

How It Works

Best Monday Ever provided step-by-step templates to create a Google form and share with industry leaders asking their advice. This made it easy to help in as little as five minutes.

Participants are then prompted to share the form with their network.

We then show how to present responses in nice visual format. Not only do you gain valuable advice, you now have easily sharable content to attract attention without being self-promotional.

Making Matters Most

Chris shared his Cheat Sheet to LinkedIn where he tagged contributors in a public 'thank you'. This drove record engagement and exposure for Chris in a way that elevated his reputation.

Chris earned new relationships with the right people to turn to for future advice and potential job prospects. 💪

Creating useful content gave Chris a way to share and promote himself on additional industry forums and publications.

🕐 ~5 hours over 7 - 10 days
⭐︎ 20+ new industry connections
💡 New tools and insights for professional facilitators
👀 Creating great content attracts attention

Give It A Try

✘ Asking for coffee is a big request and very time consuming.
✘ No one wants to hand out business cards at meetups.
✘ Don't be boring.

The New Way: Cheat Sheet. 🔥

✔︎ Make it fun to collect valuable advice to inform your next move.
✔︎ Quickly grow your professional network, no matter where you are located.
✔︎ Create sharable content to invite serendipity.

The Complete Cheat Sheet Guide

Get step-by-step instructions including templates, Chris' published example, and a 20-minute video guide with built-in Q&A.